About Don


DON BURNETT is a renowned local gardening guru in his hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Known for his wit as well as for his expertise, Don is constantly being sought after to share his vast agricultural knowledge.

His landscape consultancy business vies with his popularity as a lecturer on a variety of landscape related topics. If you’re going to hire an expert, why not hire someone who is renowned for his knowledge about landscaping and just about everything that flowers!

Don is a certified arbourist, a certified tree risk assessor, a landscape designer, a grower as well as a superb broadcaster, lecturer, author and researcher.

On the personal side, Don is a musician who started playing in a band at the age of 16, a car buff who lovesĀ  old vehicles, a fisherman who truly enjoys fly-fishing, a family man….he is a man who simply enjoys whatever life has to offer!